Walk the Watershed 2024!

An exploration of Watershed Trails.

The following is the schedule for the 2024 hiking season within the Bras d’Or watershed. These 5 hikes are part of the Walking Around the Bras d’Or initiative and will complement the Explore the Bras d’Or and Bras d’Or Watch events.

All hikes will take place on a Saturday. Each hike will kick off at 1:30 p.m., with the gathering/meeting time of 1:00 p.m. for registration, an introduction and some social time. Each hike will then end at approximately 3:30pm. Be sure to click on the links below for all the details and any required registration.

May 25: East Bay Hills Trail:  Head to the HillsAn early birding walk focusing on inbound spring migrants, particularly wood warblers. Flora will be abundant as well. COMPLETED

June 15:  Whycocomagh PP: The Forest Floor This date falls within the usual time frame of abundant forest floor flora, the focus of this hike. Significantly, Moccasin slipper orchid (Platanthera acaule) should be in bloom at this time. COMPLETED

July 27:  Goat Island Trail: A Walk Through Time – The focus of this hike will be the significance of Goat Island to the Mi’kmaq with local flora and fauna being a bonus. Pre-registration is required ***CANCELLED***

August 17:  Iona Beach Walk – MacCormack PP: Habitat HopscotchThe focus of this hike is multi-layered as this is one of the few sites that has varied habitats, each offering something special – coastal flora, woodland flora, bird in all habitats, beach habitat focusing on marine biology interpretation. This hike will kick off at the picnic area.

September 28:  Uisge Ban Falls PP: The Fungus Among UsFungus will be the focus of this hike, as well as the abundant mosses, lichens, etc. still present at this time of year. The hike will terminate before the bridge.

Please check back on the Trails Page and News & Events page through the summer for any updates.