World Wetlands Day – Feb 2 Yearly

Canada is home to one quarter of the world’s wetlands. In the Bras d’Or Lake Watershed, “the interplay of rising sea level, ice sheet recession and a diverse terrain facilitated the development of important groundwater aquifers, rivers, lakes, wetlands, forest cover and karst terrain (sinkholes).”( Fred Baechler is EXP Services Inc.’s Chief Hydrogeologist See article linked further below.)

World Wetlands Day is celebrated each year on 2 February to raise awareness about wetlands. This day also marks the anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands, which was adopted as an international treaty in 1971.” ………….. “This year’s campaign (2024) spotlights how interconnected wetlands and human life are — with people drawing sustenance, inspiration and resilience from these productive ecosystems. Importantly, the theme for 2024 underscores how all aspects of human wellbeing are tied to the health of the world’s wetlands. It calls on each of us to value and steward our wetlands. Every wetland matters. Every effort counts.” IUCN, Ramsar Convention Secretariat Website

See the compilation of infographics we put together from the publicity materials provided by Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, solely for non-commercial use in education and in promotional activities for World Wetlands Day. They link the wetlands with water, food, biodiversity, livelihoods, climate and culture.

Take a look at Fred Baechler’s paper entitled PERSPECTIVES ON THE BRAS D’OR’s FRESH WATER in our website’s Climate Change Adaptation, Guidelines & Best Practices Initiatives page.

The Nova Scotia Provincial website lots of information on wetlands and wetland ecology in Nova Scotia.

Thank you for respecting and caring for the Bras d’Or Lake watershed!