Encourage Best Practices

Education is a priority area for the BLBRA with the goal to promote and increase the use of “best practices” for a healthy society, culture, economy, and environment within the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Reserve, measuring success by change in behaviour as we seek to maintain and enhance the health of both the Biosphere’s watershed and the it’s estuary, the Bras d’Or Lake.

Key to our adopting best practices in the Biosphere is understanding the link between the watershed  and  the lake itself. That link is water, our most important resource. The following two articles by Fred Baechler and Dr. Bruce Hatcher  will give the reader a good overview of the current monitoring situation for both fresh and salt water in the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere.

Perspectives on Fresh Water in the Bras d’Or by Fred Baechler, Chief Hydrologist for EXP. Services Inc. (Click on title to download)

Monitoring The health of the Biosphere – Water Quality by Dr. Bruce Hatcher, Director of the Bras d’Or Institute, CBU, (Click on title to download)