Amazing Places Project

The project goal is to identify and promote significant natural sites in the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Region for residents and visitors to explore in order to encourage better knowledge of ecological features and inspire a commitment to conservation.

In 2012 several Canadian biosphere reserves worked together to discuss the role of biosphere reserves in tourism. They adopted a common definition of sustainable tourism to help guide their work:

“Sustainable Tourism actively fosters appreciation and stewardship of the natural, cultural, and historic resources and special places by residents, the tourism industry, governments, and visitors. It is tourism which is viable over the long term because it results in a net benefit for the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of the area in which it takes place” (Tourism Industry Association of Canada & Parks Canada, 2005).

The Bras d’Or Biosphere is so much more than the lake, although, the lake itself is pretty amazing! Our Amazing Places project’s goal is to showcase and encourage exploration of our area’s natural beauty, culture, history, and so much more. Residents, businesses, and tourists work, live, and play in the Bras d’Or Biosphere Region.

Along with a brochure, the Amazing Places project team will be creating a webpage within the Bras d’Or Biosphere’s website to showcase our amazing places.

Please tell us about your Amazing Place suggestion by completing the form below.


  1. Minimum 300 dpi image resolution required to support print or reduction by BLBRA to a lower resolution as required for website or social media distribution.
  2. Do not include a watermark on the photograph
  3. The photographer will get full credit for the image
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Please zoom in to your Amazing Place location on the map(s) to see if your suggestion is in the Biosphere. Right-click on the second map at the same location and copy & paste the coordinates in the field below the map. (under construction). In the meantime a new browser tab and go to Google maps url =,-60.9762903,9.67z , right-click on the point, and click on the coordinates to copy the coordinates to the clipboard and then paste in teh next field.
Format from Google Maps: 45°45'09.9"N 60°56'34.1"W
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