What does a Biosphere reserve do?

Biosphere reserves are overseen by a governing body, in this case the Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Reserve Association, and it is through them that the biosphere reserve promotes the ongoing activities in the area, facilitates new projects, develops the cooperation plan and maintains strong local networks.


This is already underway, and the designation provides a better opportunity for government, non-government, academic, and corporate organizations to be more involved in a coordinated fashion.

Promote sustainable economies

The Biosphere Reserve promotes a more sustainable economy. Biosphere Reserves are places where PEOPLE and  NATURE work for the common good. They can focus on themes such as the economic needs of residents and the responsible use of natural resources. Such opportunities might involve ecotourism, marketing of heritage crops, sustainable forestry, and/or responsible mining. These are ongoing activities that have led to the designation and they are being encouraged to develop further.

Education and Research

The Biosphere Reserve may choose to expand the scope of existing conservation, research, monitoring, and education projects. Local students will have the opportunity to become more involved in research and monitoring projects. College and university students are encouraged to carry out projects in areas such as tourism or community development and ecosystem studies. Governments, corporations and other agencies help to finance these projects. Check out our 2013-2015 Strategic Plan

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