What are the Benefits of a Biosphere reserve designation?

  1. Increases national and international recognition of our communities as a good place to live, work and visit.
  2. Our high profile as a tourist destination will increase.
  3. Promotes economic development in a sustainable way.
  4. Gives government and non-government organizations more power (leverage) to request funding and implement pilot projects for rural and economic development and other areas of interest.
  5. Helps to assure the ecological and economic sustainability of our region.
  6. Provides additional support to the many groups already working hard to preserve this unique ecosystem
  7. Helps First Nations to better address cultural, social and development issues for their people.
  8. Encourages increased infrastructure for research, monitoring, educational activities.
  9. Gains access to information, expertise and support through national and international networks.

A 6 Page UNESCO publication of the Benefits and Opportunities of a Biosphere Reserve

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  1. Betsy Jardine says:

    What a beautiful website! Awesome photography. It is informative and I will direct folks with questions to use the site.