2015 Annual General meeting

The 2015 AGM took place at the Northside Eastbay Fire Hall on June 18th!

A Business meeting 2015_AGM_agenda included a Chair’s report, a Treasurer’s report and the welcoming of three new Board members; Allan MacMillan, Gordon Kerr and Maureen Cameron! We said “Good bye and Thanks” to Doug Begg and Mae Rowe who served as Board members for many years and helped in many ways!

The business meeting was followed by a presentation by Harold Alexander entitled “What is the value of owning a small woodlot?”

A resident of Digby County, Alexander has been in the woodlot management business for nearly forty years. Self-employed, he operates a small sawmill and forestry management business with his business partner. He holds a positive view of the financial and environmental value of owning a small woodlot. Two Cape Breton forestry practitioners responded to Harold’s views: Kari Easthouse, a woodlot owner in Roberta, Richmond County, and manager of the Cape Breton Privatelands Partnership providing independent advice and support to woodlot owners; and Brent MacInnis, sawmill and woodlot owner in the Frenchvale area.